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What is Sandbox in Computer Security?

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Sandbox The term Sandbox in computer security is the mechanism which isolates application from critical system resources,other application and have limited permissions. A sandbox is used to test untrusted code or untrusted programes from third party developers.It also provides extra layer of security to System from malware and harmful applictaion. Importance of Sandbox As malware …

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What is a Humanoid?


Human-made machines, computers, Robots are called as humanoids. They cannot think by own but they are work by a pre-program. How does it work? Machines and computers are works by Processors, Controllers and some other components. The main thing is a processor, it is the brain for a Computer and robot, etc. Example: Assume a …

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What is HTTP and HTTPS?

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HyperText Transfer Protocol(HTTP) and HTTPS is mentioned for security (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure). Role of Http: When the Communication between the Client and the servers occurs the names HTTP Request and HTTP Responses are carried out. Working: When a user clicks any link in a webpage, the request is sent to server and the server …

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