HyperText Transfer Protocol(HTTP) and HTTPS is mentioned for security (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure).

Role of Http:

When the Communication between the Client and the servers occurs the names HTTP Request and HTTP Responses are carried out.


When a user clicks any link in a webpage, the request is sent to server and the server responds by giving the requested package.

What is HTTP and HTTPS?
Block diagram of HTTP

What is HTTPS?

What is HTTP and HTTPS?
Image of HTTPS

You will notice a symbol like the above image in your web browser. It represents that your connection to that website is secure. If it is not a secure connection, it shows like https or your connection is not secure.

What is HTTP and HTTPS?
Image of Http not secure

The above image shows that the connection of a website was unsecured.

HTTP and HTTPS is plays vital in website security

If you are website owner or planing to create website,you must buy ssl certificate to make sure your website is Https enabled website.

If SSL is not installed on your website,it shows your site is insecure.

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