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What is Ethernet?

Overview Ethernet is the main medium for communication in olden days. Nowadays, we use more number of communications in computer devices. Ethernet is the communication platform in olden days. Networking and Communication both have some similarities. Networking is the relation between two objects. Communication means the understanding between the two objects. What is Ethernet? Ethernet …

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What is Motherboard?

Definition: A Motherboard is the main circuit board, which allows other external Peripheral devices can connect with it for the external connections. All Motherboards are made up of PCB‘s. The name Motherboard is given because it is the main circuit board of any device. It consists of terminals and slots for the external devices to …

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What is an Operating System?

Overview: Operating System(OS) is the main program in all computing devices. It is not hardware which presents on the motherboard. OS gives the User Interface or GUI, it also manages the files present in the hard disks and it also manages the I/O processes. OS lets the users interact with the computer like read and …

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