The term Sandbox in computer security is the mechanism which isolates application from critical system resources,other application and have limited permissions. A sandbox is used to test untrusted code or untrusted programes from third party developers.It also provides extra layer of security to System from malware and harmful applictaion.

Importance of Sandbox

As malware becomes strong day by day,it is difficult to detect malware.Sandboxing protects an organization’s critical infrastructure from suspicious code because it runs in a separate system. It also allows IT to test malicious code in an isolated testing environment to understand how it works within a system as well as more rapidly detect similar malware attacks.

Uses of Sandboxes

In general, a sandbox is used to test suspicious programs that may contain viruses or other malware, without allowing the software to harm the host devices.

A sandbox can also enable a mirrored production environment that an external developer can use to develop an app that uses a web service from the sandbox. This enables third-party developers to validate their code before migrating it to the production environment.


  • Web browsers: A trusted web browser can be run inside a sandbox. Then if a website exploits a vulnerability in that web browser, the damage is limited to the sandbox and minimized.
  • Software protection: There are tools that enable users to run software they don’t trust in sandboxes so that the software can’t access their private data or harm their devices. Because a sandbox appears to be a complete system to the software, the software usually can’t detect that it’s constrained to a virtual environment.
  • Virtualization: A virtual machine is basically a type of sandbox. This approach uses a virtual machine-based sandbox to contain and examine suspicious programs.

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