Hello Everyone, After a long gap we are writing this blog. In this blog, we are going to give a series of posts about the things in cybersecurity and mistakes made by everyone. Follow our blog to avoid your data from hacking or prevent your data from a breach.

Cybersecurity is the necessary thing to consider. Although, Cybersecurity is a field of study or some big jobs like Hackers and Cybercrime police working daily to prevent someones from theft data.

Cybersecurity is a form of digital security. Is there any question in your mind? Yes, you may have questions like What is digital security? , How do we digitally secure? And so on…

Someone may think that ‘Already the service providers like Google, Facebook, or some other services like Amazon, Spotify, are providing security to their products. If you have this question, then my answer is ‘Your data are theft from these services’. Ok, Let’s step into protecting your data…

In Cybersecurity, you can see the term Breach or data breach means the data are leaked or hacked from a secured source and visible publicly.

What data we are having digitally?

Yeah, I have told already we are using datas in digital form. Let’s see some examples:

  • Mailing from services like Google, yahoo1, Outlook, Zoho, etc.,
  • Online file transfers & Chatting like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.,
  • Hosting your files in servers through internet or intranet, etc.,

The above mentioned are some examples the format of datas you used.

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Steps to secure your data:

  • By using Strong Passwords
  • Don’t save your password in public devices
  • Don’t connect your device with unknown wifi
  • Regularly check the Mails about security issues
  • Turn ON 2-step verification on you all App were you signed-in (if available)
  • Never click on unknown links
  • Use secured browsers

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