How to find the IP address of any website?2 min read

Hello Guys, Did you want to find an IP address of a website? here is the solution for your problem…

What is an IP address?

An IP address is abbreviated as the Internet Protocol Address, which is unique for all devices. It is used to identify the devices on any network like the Internet or local network. IP is a protocol that gives the address to all devices on the internet. This results in proper communication over devices.

Finding IP of a Website using Traceroute Command:

Traceroute or Tracert is a Command Prompt command. This shows several details about the path you specify. Tracing the route of an address is the work of tracert or traceroute cmd. This is executed in Windows Command Prompt and also in the Linux terminals. Let’s see how…


tracert your-domain

traceroute your-domain


  1. Open cmd prompt OR press Win key + R and type cmd -> press Enter
  2. There type tracert and hit enter.
  3. Check the screenshot is given below


  1. Open Terminal
  2. Type the command traceroute and hit Enter
  3. Check the Screenshot below.