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Hello everyone,in this article we talk about different security methods involved in WIFI Security.Today we most of us connected to wifi network with our Laptop,Pc,Smartphone etc and join to that network with the device we had to select wifi name and enter password.Evey thing about how it works lets find out.

Wired Equivalent Privacy(WEP)-1999

WEP stands for wired equivalent privacy,a wifi wireless network security standard.WEP is released in september 1999.The first version of this standard was not strong its transmit singal through 64-bit encryption method,later it is upgraded to 128-bit and 256-bit.The 128-bit is widely used in back in the days.

Despite the 128-bit encryption,it’s result in major security flow and breach.Due to this wifi alliance reteired WEP in 2004

Wi-Fi Protected Access(WPA)-2003

WPA is widely adopted in 2003.It fixes majar security flow in WEP. T he most common WPA configuration is WPA-PSK (Pre-Shared Key). The keys used by WPA are 256-bit, a significant increase over the 64-bit and 128-bit keys used in the WEP system.WPA uses TKIP(Temporal ey intergrity Protocol)

Wi-Fi Protected Access-2(WPA2)-2006

WPA has, as of 2006, been officially superseded by WPA2. One of the most significant changes between WPA and WPA2 is the mandatory use of AES algorithms and the introduction of CCMP (Counter Cipher Mode with Block Chaining Message Authentication Code Protocol) as a replacement for TKIP. However, TKIP is still preserved in WPA2 as a fallback system and for interoperability with WPA.

Currently, the primary security vulnerability to the actual WPA2 system is an obscure one (and requires the attacker to already have access to the secured Wi-Fi network in order to gain access to certain keys and then perpetuate an attack against other devices on the network). As such, the security implications of the known WPA2 vulnerabilities are limited almost entirely to enterprise level networks and deserve little to no practical consideration in regard to home network security.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup(WPS)-2006

A Wi-fi alliance introduced WPS method for home users who have no knowlegde about wifi in 2006.They are different types of method available to connect to wps security devices.some of them are

  • Pin method
  • push-button method
  • NFC method
  • Usb method

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