How does WIFI works? What is WIFI?2 min read

The term ‘Wi-Fi‘ is the marketing term,but its stands for ‘wireless fidelity’.Ever think how wifi works let’s find out.

Wi-fi is similar to other wireless types like bluetooth. It’s a radio transmission technology that built upon a set of standards. To establish high-speed and secure communication. Between the variety of digital devices,access point and hardware. It makes possible for wifi devies to acces to internet without Ethernet cables.

How does WIFI works?

Like cell phones, a wifi makes use of radio waves to transmit information. A computer or devices must include wireless adapter to translate data sent to radio singals. This same signal will be transmitted ,via an antenna,to the decoder known as Router. Once decoded , a data will be sent to the internet via a wired ethenet connection.

The wifi net work acts as a two way traffic, a data recieved from the internet pass through the router to be coded into radio signals that will be recieved by the computer wireless adaptor