Report:Whatsapp Pay approved on India2 min read

Reportedly gets regulatory Approval for Whatsapp Pay in India.

The National Payments Corporation of India has reportedly approved the launch of WhatsApp Pay in India.

whatsapp pay
Screenshot from PlayStore

The whole download of whatsapp is 5Billion and above. Particularly there are more than 10 million users in India.

Did you know?

In 2018, WhatsApp conducted a pilot test for the service with 1 million users. Mark Zuckerberg says, “We got approval to test this with one million people in India back in 2018. And, when so many of the people kept using it week after week, we knew it was going to be big when we get to launch”.

Data Localization Regulation:

Government of India brings the Regulation for the security of the users and WhatsApp reportedly agreed to it.

Business Standard: “If WhatsApp is able to fulfil the compliance requirements, the messaging platform will be able to do a full roll-out”.

If whatsapp pay launched in india, how many of you will use it. comment below.

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