A website is the must have requirement to run business in 2020. In the digital world creating website is easy ,consume less time and cost as the cup of coffee. But if you run the website for business it must meet the following qualities. It gets more visitors when it’s in the top results of a relevant searched query. More visitors mean more leads and customers. For effective Search Engine Optimization and lead generation, it is important that your site must comply with a few standards. So, make sure you add these four qualities in your website.

1. Install ssl certificate

Security is the one of the important concern in Today’s internet World. Nobody like your website when browser says “This website is insecure”. so take it serious matter to install ssl certificate. If your website is run on wordpress you can install ssl to your website by simply install the plugin called simple ssl free. Otherwise buy it from online its usually costs around 800 rs. You also enable ssl by linking your website to cloudfare for free.

2. Make it Mobile Friendly

Smarts phones weren’t as common five years ago as today. That’s why most websites were only built for desktop devices. If a website is only built for one type of device, its interface won’t be user-friendly on other devices. A visitor will immediately leave your site if he doesn’t feel comfortable.

3. Make it Fast as possible

In 2019, no one has the time to wait for anything. This is particularly true for internet users. They want a quick solution to everything. According to a study by google, 53% of users leave a website if it doesn’t load within three seconds.

Moreover, a website can’t rank in Google as long as it’s slow to load. Don’t slow down your website just to make it look good. An experienced professional would know how to make an attractive website that also loads faster.

4.Easy social Navigation

social media are the best platforms for brand awareness. Everyone uses big websites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. So, of course, you will create social media pages of your business. But a great approach to attract new visitors is to get your current visitors to share your content on their social profiles.

5. Beautiful Homepage

Building the Homepage is the one of the main compontent for Website. Whenever new user comes to your website they always take a look of your page. So make Home page Beautiful and Responsive . Don’t put all thing in home page. Put only important details only. You can build the Beautiful page bye the Plugin called Elementor in WordPress