Kaspersky, The cybersecurity firm has detected the Trojan called GINP which steals the bank details. Its latest version is much stronger than the older versions. On the last year, October, this trojan was spotted for the first time. Now, this is the new version of this trojan. Malware like SMS Trojan GINP is Unfixable.


GINP Trojan:

A new strain of mobile banking trojan called Ginp has been constantly refined to collect login credentials and credit card details.

This Trojan is specially made to steal the bank details. When a GINP trojan is inserted to a device it collects the credit card details and also the OTP messages send by the bank. Then the amount is automatically debited from the account.

How does it work?

The malware urges victims to open their banking apps with SMS and push notifications, then overlays these apps and steals banking credentials.

An unknown message is sent to the device. Once the link is clicked by anyone the trojan gets activated. Then it steals the banking details and sends the details to the creator of than Trojan.

These messages appear under the guise of reputable vendors informing users about an undesired event like blocked account access.

To prevent this, the user is requested to open the application. Once victims do that, the Trojan overlays the original window and asks them to input the credentials for a credit card or a bank account. As a result, their payment details are handed over to cybercriminals.

How to protect the device?


Reject unknown messages with unknown links, Don’t save the passwords as a plain text in a device, Never download any applications from messages, Don’t click unknown Push notifications

Sms Trojan Ginp is already reported in spain and uk in november 2019.

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