Windows 7 support ends by Microsoft2 min read

Windows 7

Microsoft Windows has announced that Windows 7 support ends on 14 JAN 2020.

What does support mean?

Every operating systems are developed by some teams or organizations, after launching the OS for Commercial use, they are managing all devices which use their operating system for support or help.

Support refers to Security updates and OS updates. Corporations like Microsoft, Apple gives their support online.

What does security updates mean?

If a company developed any software like OS, Messaging Applications, etc.., they have some Bugs. Bugs are fixed during a new update.

What happens now?

Now only the updates for Windows 7 has stopped, But the OS will perfectly Work.

Are you want to upgrade Windows 8 or 10?

If you are using computer or laptops with low specifications like Low RAM, Processor Less than i3 will hang the System.


If you have PCs or Laptops with lower specifications you can upgrade your devices to Higher Specifications or buy a new Laptop or PC.

If you are using devices with higher specifications, Now you can easily upgrade your OS to Windows 10 by yourself easily.

Otherwise, visit your nearby service centre for easy installation.

Windows 7 support ends now.

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