How to use Mobile Phone as Speaker for PC/Laptop2 min read

If you have a old pc or laptop where its speaker is not working or not clear. But you have to play audio or video from that pc, you need to buy a new speaker. If you not interested in buying new speaker

You can use your mobile as speaker for pc / laptop by doing the following things

Use Mobile Phone as Speaker for PC/Laptop

  1. First download and install Audio reley for android from Playstore

2. Then download and install Audio reley for windows Pc/Laptop from here

3. Connect both mobile and pc/laptop on same wifi network

4. You can also use mobile hotspot to connect

5. Open audio reley on both mobile and pc/laptop

Audio reley on android

6. Click search button to look for pc/laptop from android app

7. Once its show your pc connection name click on it

audio reley on pc

8. There after Audio on pc/laptop will be played on Mobile

9. Make sure to mute pc volume

If it not working comment below, we shall help you