Temporary files are often created to store the temporary files in a program and some of them can deleted after the program closed. Some are not deleted for some future purpose.

If You want to delete such files You can easily locate them by using these shortcuts:



There types the following comands one by one:

  1. temp
  2. %temp%

Myth: Prefetch

Clearing prefetch will speed up your computer.

What is Prefetch?

The Prefetcher is a component of Microsoft Windows which was introduced in Windows XP. It is a component of the Memory Manager that can speed up the Windows boot process and shorten the amount of time it takes to start up programs. It accomplishes this by caching files that are needed by an application to RAM as the application is launched, thus consolidating disk reads and reducing disk seeks.

A myth is that the user should delete the prefetch folder contents to speed up the computer. If this is done, Windows will need to re-create all the prefetch files again, thereby slowing down Windows during boot and program starts until the prefetch files are created—unless the prefetcher is disabled. Windows maintains prefetch files in the Prefetch folder for up to the 128 most recently launched programs.

If you type the first one,click enter.

Then a folder will opens,that contains temp files you can delete them by selecting all the item.

Continuously do it for the next command also.

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