How to install chrome os flex on pc/mac2 min read

Google recently introduced chrome os flex for pc/mac. Unlike Chrome os which is exclusively to chromebooks. Chrome os flex is available for all pc and mac. Chrome os flex is mainly useful for those who have old pc or low spec laptop.

Note: Installing chrome os flex on your pc will wipe out all data including os so beware before install it. Currently no dual boot method for chrome os flex.

Let us see how to install chrome os flex in your pc

How to install chrome os flex on pc/mac

Step 1: Download and install chrome browser on your pc

Step 2: Next head to chrome webstore

Step 3: Now search and install Chromebook recovery utility

Step 4: Now open extensions menu and open chromebook recovery utility

step 5: Click get started and click select model from list

Step 6: Choose manufacture as chrome os flex and select model as developer unstable. Then Continue

Step 7: Insert your usb stick and select your usb it will format usb stick then continue

Step 8: Click create now

Step 9: It will download chrome os flex into your usb stick

Step 10: Restart your pc and then enter into boot menu.

Step 11: select a usb stick and it will boot into chrome os flex setup

Step 12: Add user gmail account and it will start installing os

Step 13: Now enjoy chrome os flex in your pc