Shortcut virus is the kind of virus which create shortcut for actual files make them inaccessible .There are several ways of methods available to remove shortcut virus.One of the easy method is remove virus by cmd prompt.

How does the shortcut virus affect your computer/Flash drive?

There are tons of ways to get affected by the shortcut virus. Your computer/Flash drive doesn’t give birth to the virus. You bring it from someone or somewhere.

  • When you downloading something malicious from untrusted sources.
  • When you plug someone else’s Flash drive to your computer which contains the virus.
  • From your own Flash drive which was inserted on an affected computer.
  • If your antivirus isn’t updated to the recent threats. So, your computer gets affected easily.

How to Remove shortcut virus from windows pc by cmd

  1. Click windows key + R and enter cmd in dialog box
  2. When you enter an external USB drive, you will see a letter beside the name of your drive. It could be I,G,H or anything. In my case, it’s I.
  3. If you want remove shortcut from I,Type i in cmd prompt and hit Enter
  4. Then type del *.lnk and hit enter
  5. Now typeattrib i:*.* /d /s -h -r -s and press enter. Don’t forget to change i with your drive letter.

How to Remove shortcut virus from windows pc by Using Software

  • Download USB fix From here
  • Then Install it and close all unwanted programes
  • Now connect your infected usb to your computer
  • click the clean button on Usbfix software
  • Wait for several minutes it will clean your shortcut virus