Wireless Charging over 30-Feet2 min read

Wi-Charge today announced its new Ultra-Compact PowerPuck, which says the company can charge compatible devices from 30 feet away without wire. The company is targeting chargers for smart and IoT devices. According to Wi-Charge, the power bug is inserted straight into a wall socket or you can screw it into a lightning lamp socket.

According to Wi-Charge, the device is slightly larger than the Nest thermostat, and its installation is easy. The company claims it uses Aircord technology, allowing users to install the charger without any configuration, calibration or tuning

wireless charging

“PowerPuck is changing how manufacturers create smart and IoT devices, and how consumers and businesses use them,” said Wi-Charge Chief Marketing Officer Yuval Poker. You may not worry about the battery life or power cables of the device due to the manufacturer’s unique features. In addition, consumers and businesses can achieve convenience and efficiency using the next generation of smart devices.

The company is also expected to bring large-scale PowerBook units to consumers by 2020