Facebook to keep track of users even if location permission is disabled

Facebook scam

Facebook on both Android and iOS have long claimed that the location of users can be tracked even if the location permit is disabled, as the company has now officially rejected complaints from users, mostly paranoid or elaborate conspiracy theories. Even if users explicitly block access to users’ whereabouts, they cannot know where they are.

Following a detailed report by computer science professor Alexandra Korolova of the University of Southern California exactly a year ago, US lawmakers are asking for answers from social media companies about whether users’ activity is being tracked. Last week, two companies agreed with US senators that we can track the location of people after users choose not to share their location data with the company.

Facebook also said that tracking users’ general location helps protect users against hacking and account-hijacking by tracking logins from unfamiliar places to other Internet companies (such as Google and Twitter)

By tagging and analyzing check-ins, photos taken in places like Facebook, restaurants, and shopping malls will show you how to keep track of users’ location even after the GPS tracking option is ignored. The information can be found Rikinranar. The company said that users will receive location information when they share an address in the shopping section of Facebook, or even from their profile information.

.@Facebook admits it. Turn off “location services” and they’ll STILL track your location to make money (by sending you ads). There is no opting out. No control over your personal information. That’s Big Tech. And that’s why Congress needs to take action https://t.co/R1LuLcP1LP

— Josh Hawley (@HawleyMO) 17 December 2019

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