The Peripherals are the necessary components for the Computers to Get Input from the user, Process Input and Shows Output to the user. Therefore, they called as the building blocks of the computer. It is called as an Ancillary device.

In Desktop computer, we can connect more number of external and internal peripherals. A desktop contains a cabinet with more space and a user can easily add more number of internal peripherals.

But in a Laptop computer there are a limited number of internal peripherals are present and it is difficult to extend the devices. The laptop contains only a limited number of Ports and if want to connect external devices like Printer, an adopter is needed.


The peripheral is an electrical or a mechanical device where the user gives the input to the computer and finally received the processed output. Every peripherals devices depend on the others.

Types of Peripherals

Figure1: Peripheral Devices

They are classified into three types:

  1. Input Devices
  2. Output Devices
  3. In/Out Device

Input Devices

Input devices gives the input to the computer. The computer only understands the Binary Value, therefore the peripherals allows the users to communicate with the computer. For example, Microphone is one of the input device which allows the user to speak with the computer. When a person speaks through the Microphone, the other peripherals like processor converts the analog signal into the digital signal.

In/Out Device

In/out devices also called as processing devices. When an input is given through any device the processing units process the given inputs. These are specially designed for two way process like Read/Write. For example, Hard disk is a device that can store data and it can be able to read and write. Rather than the input and output devices, these can perform the two functions.

Output Devices

Output devices can show the processed output to the user. In computers, the monitor is the main output device which shows the outputs instantly. There are many kinds of output devices like monitor, printer, speaker, etc.


How to connect a peripheral with a computer?

Every peripheral device contains output cables or ports. Motherboard consists of many ports which allows the peripherals to connect with the computer. Every peripheral devices has different ports, Therefore the motherboard also designed with many ports.