Netflix plans in India now starts at Rs 149/Month

The massive streaming service and production company Netflix reduces its subscription plans in India. This made happy for many people who want to buy a subscription plan on Netflix. They also tweeted about their new pricing plans. Let’s see about the plan benefits 👇.

Check out Netflix Pricing table

New Netflix subscription plans in India:

The plan categorizes into Mobile, Basic, Standard and Premium.

Firstly, the Mobile plan is priced at Rs.149 a month and it has the benefits of good Video Quality, 480p Resolution with the Mobile and Tablet devices support. It does not support laptops or TVs. Previously Mobile Plan was priced at Rs.199 a month.

Then, the Basic plan is priced at Rs.199 a month and its Video Quality is Good and streams at 480p with the supported devices of Phone, Tablet, Computer and TV. Previously Basic Plan was priced at Rs.499 a month. Really😱, yes it is 60% decreased.

Netflix Standard Plan is priced at Rs.499 a month and it’s really the better Video Quality experience in 1080p which works on Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, TVs. Previous Standard Plan priced at Rs.649 a month. It reduces Rs.150 from the previous pack.

Lastly, the Premium Plan benefits are priced at Rs.649 a month with the Best Video Quality in 4k+HDR resolution. This will be supported in all devices like Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, TVs. Previously it was priced at Rs.749.

Newly published plans are more reduced than the previous one. Now the subscribers are noticed to upgrade their plans with an older subscription. Subscribers are getting auto-upgraded to a higher plan at their existing subscription prices.

See the below tweet of Netflix India as “it’s happening! Everybody stay calm!” with the hashtag #HappyNewPrices

Pricing Table of Netflix India


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