Installing WordPress in a XAMPP as a localhost

Hi there! A hearty welcome to our blog🙏. In this, you will learn how to install WordPress on the XAMPP server. If you want to install WordPress on other server applications like MAMP comment below.

Also check out this video for installation

  1. What is XAMPP?
  2. Is XAMPP is best?
  3. How do I install XAMPP?
  4. Is there any alternatives for XAMPP?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source software to create static and dynamic websites like Products Landing page websites, Blogging websites, Portfolio websites, eCommerce websites, and so on…

Let’s go for installing WordPress. Follow the following steps to install WordPress without any mistakes. If you got any errors, ask in the comment section below.

Steps to install wordpress:

1) Download WordPress:

Download WordPress from the official source page and it will download in a .zip format.

2) Setting up the project folder:

Go to the htdocs folder in XAMPP and create a folder and extract the files inside the folder. The path should like be ..htdocs/project-folder/WordPress Files.

3) Creating Database:

Go to the phpMyAdmin page and create a new database for the current project.

4) WordPress Installation:

Then Connect the database with database_name, username, password and then, Run the installation.

5)Login to the WordPress:

Then go to the localhost/project_folder_name in your browser and then log in and continue to the admin panel of WordPress.

Installation by Images


Installation Video