Lenovo Bios update-10[64] – 7ZCN34WW is recently rolledout to lenovo laptop but it causes some errors.Let’s solve the error.

Supported Laptop Systems

  • This update only supports the following laptop systems : 330-15ICH, 330-17ICH

Supported Operating Systems

  • This supports only the Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) Operating Systems.

Information about this update:

  • BIOS, the abbreviation of Basic Input/Output System, is integrated into ROM chip on the mainboard, which contains the basic input/output program, system configuration information, system startup self-check and pre-setup programs. BIOS provides most basic low-level hardware operations; it is the connection between software and hardware, and interfacing window of hardware and operating system.

Changes after update:

Latest Version BIOS fixed all merged issues from previous.

Version: 7ZCN34WW

1. BIOS Notification:

  1. Fixed: None
  2. Add: None
  3. Modified:Enhancement to address CVE-2019-6171; Enhancement to address CVE-2019-12532; Enhancement to address CVE-2019-0123, CVE-2019-0117, CVE-2019-0185, CVE-2019-11135, CVE-2019-0154; Grey graphic device item when entering BIOS with User password.

2. EC Notification:

1. Fixed: None
2. Add: None

3. Modified:

  • Enable EC lock function
  • Modify the core code to generate REPEAT scan code when the “shift” key is pressing.

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Reference: visit Lenovo Bios update-10[64] – 7ZCN34WW

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