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Google Pays $9 Billion to Apple to remain default search engine on Safari

Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs in a report says,”Google is reportedly paying Apple a whopping $9 billion in 2018 to remain the default search engine for iPhone’s Safari browser on iOS”.

This report also estimated that the number could grow by $3 billion to $12 billion over the next year.

Apple’s Safari browser:

It is the second largest browser over the world. On a global basis, Safari has the second largest market share after Google’s Chrome (59.7 percent vs. 14.5 percent). In the US, Safari delivers 31 percent of internet traffic to Chrome’s 49 percent.

In June 2013, Apple made Bing the default search engine for Siri but not for the Safari browser on the iPhone. Google replaced Bing as the source of web search results for Siri in 2017.

Wall Street analysts have been very pleased with the growth of Apple’s services revenue, which was reported to be $9.55 billion in Q3, up 31 percent since last year. Google’s payments to Apple would fall into this “services” category.

“Google Pays $9 Billion to Apple”- Report Says.

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