What is Motherboard?3 min read


A Motherboard is the main circuit board, which allows other external Peripheral devices can connect with it for the external connections. All Motherboards are made up of PCB‘s.

The name Motherboard is given because it is the main circuit board of any device. It consists of terminals and slots for the external devices to connect with it.

Motherboard Image:

Image: Different Motherboards

The above-mentioned images are the different motherboard for PC. The colour of the Board is based on the manufacturers and also they have separate designs and also the components are different but the circuits almost similar.

For Example, RAM is the Basic component but there are More RAM manufacturers. So the MSI uses one and another use different RAM.

Common Circuit Diagram:

Source: Wikipedia

The above image shows the general circuit diagram of a Computer Motherboard.


All the above-mentioned components are integrated into a plain board called PCB. All the boards are in unequal designs based on their manufacturer’s.

In a Motherboard, CPU is the central and a main component which is called as the brain of the computer and it controls the programs. To see about CPU Click here.

Basic components present in Computer Motherboard:

  1. Ports
  2. RAM Slot
  3. Graphics Slot
  4. Hard drive Slot
  5. Processor Slot
  6. Power ports

These are integrated into the Mother Board and the connections are made by the Copper lines and the rest parts are the insulating materials.

In this tutorial, we see about the basics things.Thanks for Reading:-)