Pendrive space reduces [16 GB Becomes2.28 MB]

   This tutorial helps to recover all types of sizes

Step 1:

Now you can see the size of the Pendrive as 2.29MB

Step 2:

Now if you try to format the pendrive the space does not recovers.

Now the format is completed, but still the space is not recovered.

Step 3:

Now press the win key + R.

Type “cmd” in the run window (or) [Type cmd in the search and run it as administrator].Click YES

Step 4:

Type the following cmd:

Type     -   diskpart                        - press Enter
Type     -   list disk                       - press Enter

Type     -   select disk 1(select your disk) - press Enter

Type     -   clean                           - press Enter

Type     -   create partition primary        - press Enter

Type     -   exit                            - press Enter

 Step 5:                                                                               

Then go to the windows explorer

Then right click on the removal disk and click format.

Now once verify the capacity of your original size is shown.

Example as the below given image.

Then click OK

Now the format is completed.

Now you can find your pendrive with its original size.