MS Office Excel 2016 and 2019 Full Shortcuts6 min read

As a Techusers, we use ms office excel frequently for office related works. But most of the time shortcuts helps you simply work. Below is the list of shortcut keys used in ms word. Beware most of keys doesn’t work in all version.

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Worksheet navigation
PgUp / PgDnMove one screen up / down
Alt-PgUp / Alt-PgDnMove one screen to the left / right
Ctrl-PgUp / Ctrl-PgDnMove one worksheet tab to the left / right
Up / Down arrow keyMove one cell up / down
TabMove to the next cell to the right
Shift-TabMove to the cell to the left
HomeMove to the beginning of a row
Ctrl-HomeMove to the beginning of a worksheet
Ctrl-EndMove to the last cell that has content in it
Ctrl-Left arrowMove to the word to the left while in a cell
Ctrl-Right arrowMove to the word to the right while in a cell
Ctrl-G or F5Display the Go To dialog box
F6Switch between the worksheet, the Ribbon, the task pane and Zoom controls
Ctrl-F6If more than one worksheet is open, switch to the next one
Ribbon navigation
AltDisplay Ribbon shortcuts
Alt-FGo to the File tab
Alt-HGo to the Home tab
Alt-NGo to the Insert tab
Alt-PGo to the Page Layout tab
Alt-MGo to the Formulas tab
Alt-AGo to the Data tab
Alt-RGo to the Review tab
Alt-WGo to the View tab
Alt-QPut cursor in the Tell Me box
Alt-JCGo to the Chart Tools / Design tab when cursor is on a chart
Alt-JAGo to the Chart Tools / Format tab when cursor is on a chart
Alt-JTGo to the Table Tools / Design tab when cursor is on a table
Alt-JPGo to the Picture Tools / Format tab when cursor is on an image
Alt-JIGo to the Draw tab (if available)
Alt-BGo to the Power Pivot tab (if available)
Working with data
Shift-SpacebarSelect a row
Ctrl-SpacebarSelect a column
Ctrl-A or Ctrl-Shift-SpacebarSelect an entire worksheet
Shift-Arrow keyExtend selection by a single cell
Shift-PgDn / Shift-PgUpExtend selection down one screen / up one screen
Shift-HomeExtend selection to the beginning of a row
Ctrl-Shift-HomeExtend selection to the beginning of the worksheet
Ctrl-CCopy cell’s contents to the clipboard
Ctrl-XCopy and delete cell’s contents
Ctrl-VPaste from the clipboard into a cell
Ctrl-Alt-VDisplay the Paste Special dialog box
EnterFinish entering data in a cell and move to the next cell down
Shift-EnterFinish entering data in a cell and move to the next cell up
EscCancel your entry in a cell
Ctrl-;Insert the current date
Ctrl-Shift-;Insert the current time
Ctrl-T or Ctrl-LDisplay the Create Table dialog box
Ctrl-EndWhen in the formula bar, move the cursor to the end of the text
Ctrl-Shift-EndIn the formula bar, select all text from the cursor to the end.
Alt-F8Create, run, edit or delete a macro
Formatting cells and data
Ctrl-1Display the Format Cells dialog box
Alt-‘Display the Style dialog box
Ctrl-Shift-&Apply a border to a cell or selection
Ctrl-Shift-_Remove a border from a cell or selection
Ctrl-Shift-$Apply the Currency format with two decimal places
Ctrl-Shift-~Apply the Number format
Ctrl-Shift-%Apply the Percentage format with no decimal places
Ctrl-Shift-#Apply the Date format using day, month and year
[email protected]Apply the Time format using the 12-hour clock
Ctrl-KInsert a hyperlink
Ctrl-QDisplay Quick Analysis options for selected cells that contain data
Working with formulas
=Begin a formula
Alt-=Insert an AutoSum function
Shift-F3Insert a function
Ctrl-`Toggle between displaying formulas and cell values
Ctrl-‘Copy and paste the formula from the cell above into the current one
F9Calculate all worksheets in all workbooks that are open
Shift-F9Calculate the current worksheet
Ctrl-Shift-UExpand or collapse the formula bar
Other useful shortcuts
Ctrl-NCreate a new workbook
Ctrl-OOpen a workbook
Ctrl-SSave a workbook
Ctrl-WClose a workbook
Ctrl-PPrint a workbook
Ctrl-FDisplay the Find and Replace dialog box
Ctrl-ZUndo the last action
Ctrl-YRedo the last action
Shift-F2Insert or edit a cell comment
Ctrl-Shift-OSelect all cells that contain comments
Ctrl-9Hide selected rows
Ctrl-Shift-(Unhide hidden rows in a selection
Ctrl-0Hide selected columns
Ctrl-Shift-)Unhide hidden columns in a selection
F7Spell check the active worksheet or selected range