What is Trojan?

A Trojan is also called as Trojan Horse. It is a Malicious code or a Software which is small in size but can cause big damage to the installed device.

trojan horse
Image: Trojan Horse

Why it is called as a Trojan Horse?

Remember the Trojan War,

During the Trojan war, hides inside the hollow horse and gifted the horse to their enemies. After they accepting that horse gift they attack their enemies during night time.

Image: Trojan code

As the same, the malware is hidden inside the code or software when the link or the software is executed the trojan will activated.

How does the Trojan work?

It works only after the malware link is clicked or the software is executed. It doesn’t work until it is clicked. The Trojan is hidden inside the program for permanent.

It is programmed for special operations. It will create the backdoor to the device, It may give a way to the DDoS attack, It may be a Ransom Trojan.

How to identify the trojan?

It cannot be identified until we execute the program. Install the antivirus to prevent from this malware. Never click unknown links which are sent through emails and even through the messages.

How to prevent?

  • Install any antivirus,
  • Don’t download unknown files,
  • Run a Pc scan regularly,
  • Keep the device more secure.

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