What is Keyboard?

The keyboard is one of the Primary Input Device. It allows the user to give the input to the processor. If you are now visiting this blog in Mobile Phone or Computer it has a keyboard to type anything.

The keyboards are present in both hardware and also as software forms. All types of Keyboards are made for some kind functions. Every model is unique and has different keys. Some keyboards have low specifications and some have high specs.

Types of Keyboards:


1.Wired keyboard

It is connected through wire. The data is transmitted and received through the wire.

wireless keyboard

2.Wireless keyboard

The connection is made through BlueTooth. A small dongle is connected in the Computer. Through the dongle, the connection is established between the Keyboards and the Computer.

gaming keyboard

3.Gaming Keyboard

The gaming Keyboards is available on both Wired and Wireless connectivity. It is specially made for gaming. It contains many shortcut key for gaming.

digital keyboard

4.Digital Keyboard

It is Software. You can notice this on your Mobile Phone or even on your computer. It is digital Keyboards which is presented inside the operating system.

In the above images, we discussed only few keyboards based on their applications, specifications and their appearance. The rest will be discussed in the further tutorials

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