What is CPU?


CPU generally means Central processing unit which is called as the heart of the computer.

Nowadays everyone using the Computer, Laptop, Mobile phone, Tablet and so on. These are the evolution of computers. In Olden days, a single Computer is in a size of 1000 square feet and above. The first computer named as ENIAC which is about 1,800 square feet.

All the above-mentioned devices are works under logical functions. Like a human they also contains a brain called as processors, controllers. It is also called a CPU.

What is inside this?

Image: Cabinet of CPU

In general, it is called as a CPU but it is the cabinet of a CPU. It contains many components which are responsible for the proper working of a computer. Inside a Cabinet of a CPU, it contains

  • Motherboard
  • Processor (CPU)
  • RAM
  • ROM
  • GPU
  • SMPS
  • CD drive

In this tutorial, we are going to see only about the CPU and the rest are explained by the separate tutorials.

What is CPU?

Image: Intel Processor

The name CPU is abbreviated as Central Processing Unit and is called as the heart of the computer. It performs all the logical functions like Arithmetic operations and also many more. Now you are reading this article either in Mobile or computer, every device contains a CPU.

Lets read the name Central Processing Unit in that you can notice a word called processing and think the meaning of that word.

For example, consider a Human and we are the natural machines given by nature. Humans can able to think and work, we have hands, legs, eyes, ears, mouth and so on. Let’s think about how they are functioning? The brain is the control system for humans and every other living thing.

Humans Vs Computers:

Image: Human brain and a processor.

Like Robots, Computers are also called Humanoids because they are invented by Humans. Like a human, computers also can think by the programs given to the computer. For example, Assume a calculator it can perform Arithmetic operations like Addition, Subtraction, etc. It all based on a program that was written inside a Processor.

Functions of a Processor:

Processor is classified into many types, based on their functions. The basic functions of the processor are given below,

  • Process the functions like arithmetic operations,
  • Playing a video,
  • Running a software,
  • View an image,
  • And to capture an image and so on…

All the above functions are carried out by the binary values.

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