What is a Monitor?

In this tutorial, we just discuss about the monitor and its parts.


It is a Hardware device, which is used to show the output to the user.

Image: Monitor

The above image shows the Old Monitor, it contains a screen and some keys for specific operations.

How does it work?

A power source is given to the monitor for Switching On and another input is given for the Data visibility. Based on the functions of Monitor the ports are varied. In a basic monitor, there are two main ports VGA and Power.

VGA Port:

Image: VGA Port

VGA Port contains 15 pins and the colour of the port is universally Blue. The above image contains two screwing options. It is used to screw the cable to avoid disconnecting.

Power port:

Image: power port

Power port also common in all Monitors which contains three pins for Positive, Negative, and another for Earthing.


The display is used to view the outputs such as images, videos and so on.

In this tutorial, we discussed only the major presence ports and features universally. If you need more information, ask them in the comments section.

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