What is Troubleshooting?

It is the process of solving an issue or Problems detected in computers or mobiles.        The term Troubleshooting is majorly used in PCs or Laptops.But in general troubleshooting is the process of solving an issue in any fields like Electrical,mechanical and communication fields.The person who solves the problem is called an Engineer or called as Troubleshooter.

How to troubleshoot?

1) Analyse the reason for the problem.

2) If the problem is identified,then find if it can solved by yourself.

3) If you able to solve this,find the way for it.

4) Otherwise,find the best service center or a person.


How to identify a problem?

For example,In your PC you can see the popup message or warning message or error code like (error code 0x800f081f).

How to solve the problem?

Just copy the error code or the keyword of the message and paste it in the google search and you can find the best results in that.