Instagram Data Leaked

Instagram Data Leaked from social caption
IMG: Social Captain Home

Alert: Instagram Data Leaked From Social Captain.

What is Social Captain?

Social Captain is a website which increases anyone’s Instagram followers and likes automatically by just signup with them.

How does it work?

A user wants to login his/her Instagram Account into the Social Captain. They will automatically increase the account’s follower and likes for a post.

IMG: Social Captain Login Page

How the Data Leaked?

Techcrunch verified the bug by creating a dummy Instagram account and connecting it to a new Social Captain account, and viewing the web page source code of our profile page on Social Captain.

In Social Captain, they stored passwords in plain text. The bug in that website allows hackers to steal the username and passwords easily. This flaw was identified by TechCrunch.

How to protect the account?

Users who have linked their accounts with Social Captain must change their password to recover their accounts.

Instagram Responses

Instagram said the service breached its terms of service by improperly storing login credentials.

Ref: Instagram Data Leaked from Social Caption

Social media boosting service exposed thousands of Instagram passwords

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