Android Auto Application

Here is the major feature of Google Assitance is finally rolled out. This update contains that once the google assistant driving mode integrated with the Android Auto application.

In the recent update on Android 10, Google has integrated the Android Auto functionality with the operating system. This means that you are not able to see a separate Android Auto application in Google play store and as same as on your application drawer on your Android smartphone.

But it created a problem for the user who didn’t own vehicles with the infotainment systems which didn’t have the Android Auto functionality in-built. Google has finally decided to remove the feature from the recent update. This means the separate application of Android Auto is available for your Android smartphone. Google makes these new features are compatible with the Android 10 platform. If you have a Smartphone that runs on Android 10 and a car that compatible with the Android Auto application. You can just project your car display Without Downloading the Android Auto application.