Google Photos – With new Feature

As part of its efforts to convert Google Photos into a social media platform, a private chat feature has been added to the popular photo hosting service. This is a new feature, that developers say will make it easier for users to “share personal and everyday moments” and enable them to add photos and videos to private conversations whenever they share any media file with their friends and family.

With this new feature enabled, users can save photos and videos in their own gallery if they like. They can also like and comment on each photo. “This feature is not designed to replace chat apps you already use, but it is designed to enhance sharing of memories with your friends and family in Google Photos,” the company said.

It’s easy to use. Just select a photo, click on the share option and choose ‘Send in Google Photos’. then select the people’s icon, whom you want to share.

As a welcome addition, it will be released gradually next week on Android, iOS platforms and websites.