Elon musk, Apple and other high profile’s twitter accounts hacked in Bitcoin Scam

The Twitter accounts of high profiles like Elon musk, Apple, Brack obama, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and other accounts are hacked in recent Bitcoin Scam.Those accounts and many others posted a message promoting the address of a bitcoin wallet with the claim that the amount of any payments made to the address would be doubled and sent back — a known cryptocurrency scam technique.

elon musk twitter account hacked

Twitter acknowledged the situation at 2:45 p.m. PT Wednesday afternoon, referring to it as a “security incident”.

This seems to be hackers get some sort of administration privileges and bypassed the passwords of pretty much any account they want.

With so much power at their fingertips the attackers could have done a lot more damage with more sophisticated tweets that could have harmed an individual or organisation’s reputation.

apple twitter account hacked

The Twitter also took the various measure of preventing verified accounts from tweeting at all starting sometime around 6PM ET.

So far, the Bitcoin address tweeted by the hackers has been sent over 12 Bitcoins, worth more than $110,000. It appeared that popular Bitcoin exchange Coinbase has blocked its users from sending money to the address.

Some of the Twitter accounts that were targeted said they used two-factor authentication and strong passwords. The tweets indicate they were posted using Twitter’s web application.

Twitter hacked in bitcoin scam is not first time. Previously this attack happened to Crytocurrency focused accounts like Bitcoin, Coindesk and ripple. Latter it was addressed

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