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What is CPU?


Overview CPU generally means Central processing unit which is called as the heart of the computer. Nowadays everyone using the Computer, Laptop, Mobile phone, Tablet and so on. These are the evolution of computers. In Olden days, a single Computer is in a size of 1000 square feet and above. The first computer named as …

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What is a Monitor?


In this tutorial, we just discuss about the monitor and its parts. Monitor It is a Hardware device, which is used to show the output to the user. The above image shows the Old Monitor, it contains a screen and some keys for specific operations. How does it work? A power source is given to …

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What is Keyboard?


The keyboard is one of the Primary Input Device. It allows the user to give the input to the processor. If you are now visiting this blog in Mobile Phone or Computer it has a keyboard to type anything. The keyboards are present in both hardware and also as software forms. All types of Keyboards …

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What is a Computer?

Humans cannot work for a long time without taking rest but, the computers can do until the system gets failure. Anyone can program a computer for specific works. The computers are called Humanoids. History Nowadays, the world is running with a Computer alone because of the Evolution of Computers. In other words, we said the …

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